R & D

R & D

Research And Development

Exemed is a technology driven company supported by experienced Research and Development team comprising of scientists with rich experience in the field of pharmaceuitcal product development.

Our Laboratory is fully equipped for Physical and metallurgical testing, Micro-biological testing, Effective controls of process, Chemical testing, Pharmacological testing, Stability Studies etc.

Great Emphasis is laid on Upgrading process technology, Cost reduction, Pilot plant Research, Improvement in Quality & Optimum utilization of resources.

Exemed’s Research and Development Strategies Are Focused On 2 Major Area

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Exemed’s primary focus area in formulation development includes:

  • Day 1 launch upon patent expiry
  • New drug formulations for existing products for lifecycle management
  • Niche Formulations with technology barrier
API Development

Exemed’s primary focus area of API development Research and Development  team is:

  • Vertical Integration in our range of products to achieve cost efficiency.
  • Develop non-infringing API Process to support FTF (first to file).
  • Achiev cost efficiency through process optimization