Environment Health & Safety

Exemed believes that sustainable development in any organization is a participatory process that includes employees and local people. We work towards the environment, health, and safety of our employees and the local community.

Exemed is fully committed to achieving excellence in Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) and responsibly managing our activities. We aim towards the highest international standards in purchasing materials, plant designs, equipment, maintenance, and operations. Our team tries to establish processes necessary to deliver the materials and products and ensure sustainable procurement practices. Our policy commits that we will manufacture our products safely and minimise pollution across all the units.

As part of our EHS policy, we try to create a robust EHS Management system supported by a distinct organisational structure. The EHS team sets goals and benchmarks every year and periodically reviews them to monitor the progress.

Employees are our biggest assets, and therefore to take care of their health, we have an occupational health centre running full time. Also, all the employees undergo periodic medical checkups and special tests as part of their health assessment.

Our EHS policy complies with all laws, regulations, and required standards. We have incorporated the latest techniques, such as waste management, recovery and conserving of raw materials, etc. to prevent pollution. Our other main processes include regular safety surveillance, audits and inspections, fire prevention and safety activities, regular monitoring of the internal and external environment, etc.